Third Millennium Analytics, Inc
Third Millennium Analytics, Inc

Third Millennium Analytics, Inc. provides services to a wide variety of clients, including business/corporate clients, those involved with health-related and clinical research, primary/secondary education, public administration, private nonprofit organizations, and higher education/academia.  For each client group, services are provided in the areas of statistical and data mining analysis, demographic and evaluation research, research design, and data management. 

Business/CorporateTo help your business gain competitive advantage, we provide services in the areas of statistical and data mining analysis, demographic and evaluation research, research design, and data management.  Secondary analysis and data mining techniques can be applied on enterprise data or data from market or management research, including quality control studies, customer service call-in centers, etc.. We can provide assistance with the design and analysis of quality control studies, experimental designs for market/management research, employee and customer satisfaction surveys, etc.  Demographic techniques can be applied to help you identify markets for expansion, as well as for market area assessments, sales forecasting, target marketing, logistics, etc.  For more information on business-related services, please [click here].

Health/Clinical. We provide research and analytical services for a wide variety of health-related professionals and organizations i.e., public health agencies, pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, hospitals and health clinics, long-term care facilities, mental health facilities, HMOs, and health insurance providers.  Assistance can be provided with the design and analysis of clinical research, efficacy evaluations of secondary prevention interventions, randomized behavioral trials, mental health treatments, social marketing campaigns, and programs designed to reduce health risks or improve health-protective attitudes or behaviors.  Cost-efficiency assessments of health services can also be provided.  Public health departments can also be assisted through the application of biostatistical methods to analyze epidemiological data, and the preparation of subsequent reports.  Our application of demographic techniques and evaluation of marketing efforts are also very beneficial for health care administrative purposes. For more information about our services for health-related clients, please [click here].

Primary/Secondary Education.  Whether your objective is to establish baselines or assess the effectiveness of programs or innovative initiatives designed to improve student, teacher, classroom, or school performance, we can provide your school/district with accurate and timely research and analytical support.  This includes evaluations of policy initiatives (e.g., to improve teacher-to-student ratios, competency/retention in targeted subject areas, disciplinary policies, parental involvement), comparisons of different instructional strategies, and cost-effectiveness studies.  We can apply a wide variety of statistical techniques that are particularly well-suited for the analysis of educational data, including techniques for small samples and multivariate techniques that properly adjust for multi-level or nested data.  Through our application of demographic research, enrollment estimates and projections can be derived, which are essential for effective budgeting and decisions regarding resource acquisition, the location of new educational facilities, and logistical issues.  For more details on how we can help your school or district, please [click here].

Public Administration.  Regardless of whether your agency’s responsibility is in the area of public health, criminal justice, or planning and management, we can help you to improve effectiveness and efficiency.  Evaluations can be conducted to assess program effectiveness (e.g., to reduce recidivism among juvenile offenders, a job training program to increase wages), or assess efficiencies (e.g., cost-efficiency analysis of competing crime prevention programs, a cost comparison of private versus publicly operated garbage collection). Similarly, the impact of social marketing campaigns can be evaluated (e.g., to promote conservation, public transportation use, or child obesity prevention, texting while driving).  Demographic techniques can be applied to derive population estimates and projections, which are essential for proper planning of budgets, human resources, projections of land use and facility needs, and proposals for political redistricting and reapportionment.   These estimates and projections are also very useful regarding public school enrollment and for making informed decisions regarding the location of public facilities (e.g., schools, fire stations, parks), waste management, and logistical issues (e.g.,  transportation and mass transit routes).  For more information about services we provide for government agencies, please [click here].

Private Nonprofit Organizations (NPOs).   Whether your NPO is charitable, philanthropic, faith-based, health-promoting, professional, community, or social, our services will help you generate/acquire and analyze data that will enable effective strategic marketing and planning.  We begin by gaining an understanding your NPO’s mission, goals, objectives, marketing strategy, programs, projects, organization, workforce, and client profiles. If a strategic marketing plan and benchmarks are in place, objective assessments of program effectiveness can be made (e.g., of efforts to increase public awareness, expand membership, improve volunteer support, reach fund-raising goals, the provision of services or allocation of resources, public service announcements).   The results of these assessments are often very helpful for new rounds of strategic marketing.  Demographic techniques can be applied to inform planning (e.g., to maintain or extend “membership”,  for redesigning programs to accommodate changing demographic profiles of members, participants, volunteers, or donors).  Our analysis of demographic data can also help determine geographic boundaries for new local chapters or with the reorganization of pre-existing chapters.  For more detailed information about our services for NPOs, please [click here].

Academia.  For those at public and private colleges or universities, assistance can be provided with the design and analysis of institutional research, as well as grant proposal and manuscript preparation for research centers, institutes and faculty.  Note that we do NOT provide assistance to students with the preparation of dissertations, theses, term projects, etc.  For more information about our services for institutions of higher learning, please [click here].