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Third Millennium Analytics, Inc
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Third Millennium Analytics, Inc. provides consulting services that result in high-quality deliverables in the areas of statistical and data mining analytics, demographic and evaluation research, research design, and data management.  We serve a variety of clients, including business or corporate clients, those involved with health-related and clinical research, as well as in public administration, education and academia, and private nonprofit organizations.  Based in Houston, TX, we have the capability, through the power of today’s technology, to provide consulting services nationwide.

Many in government, education, business and other sectors are currently facing challenging accountability standards or increasing competition, and thus need evidence-based policies, strategic planning, and data-driven decision-making.  We provide assistance with data generation, gathering, processing, and analysis to enable you to meet those challenges. 

We strive for objectivity and are methodical and scientific in our approach to research and analysis.  We begin by learning the mission and goals of your organization, and by gaining a clear understanding of your research questions, objectives, and all stakeholder interests.  To address your research questions in the most systematic and interpretable ways, we carefully select research designs and methods that result in scientifically valid and reliable data for your project, as well as the most appropriate statistical, data mining, and demographic techniques for analyses to detect meaningful associations, relationships, or patterns in your data.

We at Third Millennium Analytics, Inc. have experience applying a wide variety of established and cutting-edge statistical, data mining, and demographic techniques, research designs, and survey research methods.  We also have diverse statistical programming capabilities, which include data transformations, processing, and management.  For an overview of our services, please [click here].


Services Overview

We at Third Millennium Analytics provide research-related consulting services, including statistical analysis, demographic and evaluation research, research methods, and data management.  Regardless of whether your objective is to reduce health risks, gain competitive advantage with your business, improve educational performance, develop evidence-based policies, or strategically plan for future needs, we have the experience and skills to help you make data-driven decisions and reach your goals.  > READ MORE