Third Millennium Analytics, Inc
Third Millennium Analytics, Inc

Third Millennium Analytics, Inc. provides a variety of research-related consulting services, which includes statistics and data mining, demographic and evaluation research, research methods, and data management.  Whether your objective is to reduce health risks, gain competitive advantage with your business, improve educational performance, develop evidence-based policies, or strategically plan for future needs, we have the experience and skills to help you make data-driven decisions and reach your goals.

Statistics and Data Mining By taking a systematic and methodical approach, we are prepared to assist with your data analytic needs.  For each project we select statistical or data mining techniques that are appropriate, accurate, and that yield the most meaningful, understandable, and applicable results.  We have diverse programming capabilities (IBM® SPSS Statistics® and SPSS Data Modeler®, Stata®, SAS®, Mplus®, etc.), and are well-versed with a wide variety of statistical and data mining techniques.   It is important to us that you fully understand why we employ given analytical techniques for your project, and that the results enable you to make informed, evidence-based decisions.  For more detailed information regarding our statistical and data mining services, please [click here].

Demographic Research.  Through our application of demographic techniques, we can provide crucial information for effective strategic planning and decision-making.  Generally involving factors that affect population change (i.e., fertility, migration, and mortality), demographic research yields useful information regarding population size and growth rates, as well as the geographic distribution, age and sex structure, and socioeconomic composition of populations. Our research can help illuminate how demographic variables are associated with the behavior of individuals and organizations, as well as how aggregate demographic characteristics are associated with economic, health, or social characteristics (e.g., business environment, morbidity rates, housing).  Demographic techniques can be beneficially applied for a wide variety of clients, including corporate/business clients, and those in private nonprofit organizations, health-related organizations, education, and the public sector.  For more on our demographic research services, please [click here].

Evaluation Research  Formal evaluations provide objective, systematic assessments of your programs, projects, interventions, randomized trials, quasi-experimental marketing campaigns, etc.  The results often indicate how your program can be improved or refined, and are often very useful for program funding decisions because they enable informed decisions about the value of various programs, and thus how valuable resources should be allocated.  Some specific activities of evaluation research include outcome or impact assessments to assess program effectiveness, needs assessments, implementation assessments, and cost-efficiency assessments (e.g., breakeven, cost-effectiveness and cost-benefit analyses).  Outcome assessments provide an understanding of whether a program (e.g., advertising campaign, substance abuse treatment, smoking cessation intervention) has efficaciously resulted in intended attitudinal or behavioral changes (e.g., a shift in brand preference, cessation of unhealthy risk behaviors).  For more on our evaluation research services, please [click here].

Research Methods Based on a variety of considerations (e.g., ethics, study objectives, and resource constraints), we can help select appropriate research designs (e.g., experimental, quasi-experimental, non-experimental, cross-sectional, time-series) for your projects.  This set of services also includes statistical power analysis, development of sampling designs and procedures, survey and questionnaire design, measurement/scale and index construction, reliability and validity assessments, and factor analysis.  For more on our research methods services, please [click here].

Data Management Our data management services include data preparation for data mining, the merging of data sets, and developing syntax/coding for index or scale construction, and codebook construction.  We can also develop data management protocols, which play an important role for maintaining reliability and scientific integrity during data collection and coding, coding reliability assessments, as well as the entry, editing, and cleaning of data.  For more on our data management services, please [click here].