Third Millennium Analytics, Inc
Third Millennium Analytics, Inc

Q.    What steps does Third Millennium Analytics (3MA) take to assure that my data are secure and confidential?

A.     3MA takes data security very seriously and strictly adheres to stringent data security protocols.  We place an extremely high priority on keeping data secure, private, and confidential.  Furthermore, we are also aware and accommodate those clients who may prefer to keep confidential the fact that they are working with an outside consulting firm. To accommodate those clients, we never release information regarding the identity of our clients or their projects without their expressed consent.  If on the other hand, our clients wish to tell others that they are working with our firm, they are free to do so.


Q.    Why outsource to Third Millennium Analytics (3MA), an outside consulting firm, to conduct research and statistical analysis for your organization?

A.     Hiring 3MA as an outside consultant is beneficial for a variety of reasons.  First, there is no need to train current employees.  We already possess the knowledge and expertise necessary to efficiently provide high-quality deliverables.  3MA is also independent, in that while we work closely with our clients, we do not require direct supervision that employees often require. Outsourcing also saves organizational staff time, which may be in short supply.  Instead of using employees that may have to be taken off of a project because of conflicting priorities, 3MA will be able to focus on tasks or projects without interruption until the work is completed.  3MA also represents a flexible resource.  Having a trusted source at immediate disposal for research and analytical services also saves a tremendous amount of time and resources that you might otherwise spend to hire an employee. With outsourcing there are no long-term commitments.  When a project is completed by 3MA, there will be no need to find new assignments or to lay off employees.  Instead, when 3MA completes a project, we go away until you need our services again.

As an outside, third-party, consultant, 3MA can conduct objective evaluations, assessments, and analyses.  Stakeholder interests in a given project can often bias results and recommendations.  3MA will strictly adhere to an ethical obligation to remain objective with our research and analytical services, thus allowing data to “speak for themselves.” It is only through objectivity that our clients will truly benefit from our services. 

Perhaps most importantly, outside consultants often represent a far more cost effective option than hiring an employee, which is most apparent when considering the long-term costs of employees.  Our clients do not have to pay 3MA for health insurance, vacation time, 401(k) plans, or other benefits they often pay their employees.  Nor do they incur expenses for the office space, computers, software licenses, etc. used by 3MA, particularly when the work is done off-site.


Q.    How can and under what circumstances can Third Millennium Analytics, Inc. (3MA) provide services remotely?

A.     In some circumstances, it may be feasible and convenient for 3MA to provide services remotely.   This is accomplished through regularly scheduled phone calls, emails, and a variety of other electronic means e.g.,®, Skype®, etc.  In other cases, particularly for larger and more sophisticated projects, in-person meetings are often essential, particularly initial meetings where brainstorming and detailed plans for research and analysis are being derived, as well as for the presentation of results.  If travel is necessary, 3MA will charge reasonable rates for travel, lodging, and per diem expenses.


Q.    Under what conditions would it be advantageous to hire Third Millennium Analytics, Inc. (3MA) using a “retainer contract”?

A.     A retainer agreement is a work-for-hire contract, and is conceptually between a one-time contract and full-time employment.  With this arrangement, the client pays 3MA in advance for work to be done later.  A retainer fee can be paid on a fixed, pre-negotiated rate, or on a variable hourly rate.  For clients, retainer contracts may be preferable when routine work is needed, being on call for emergency issues, for extremely fast turnaround for routine tasks, consulting for strategy or planning for the organization, and the handling of reoccurring work.


Q.    Does Third Millennium Analytics, Inc. (3MA) offer rewards for referrals?

A.     As a way to expand our clientele, 3MA offers clients a bonus for any additional business they bring to us.  If a current or previous client makes a referral that ends up being a new client, 3MA will pay the original client who made the referral 10% of the total income received for any consulting work performed for the new client for the first six months that we work with them.  Note: Due to potential conflict of interest violations, we cannot offer referral rewards to anyone associated with a public sector entity.


Q.    Does Third Millennium Analytics, Inc. (3MA) offer discounts for co-authorship?

A.     Yes.  If services are intended to result in co-authored scholarly works, particularly those intended for publication in the professional literature and/or presentations at professional conferences, fees are subject to negotiation and can qualify for a significant discount.